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Lawrence Journal World Editorial Article: Finish the road

Lawrence Journal World's Editorial, Sept 12, 2018
The South Lawrence Trafficway is critical infrastructure that is key to traffic flow through and around Lawrence and to connecting southern Johnson County to Topeka and western Kansas. It is an important project from a safety perspective and it should be high on the state’s list of priorities.

September 12th, 2018|

KDOT announces K-10 South Lawrence Trafficway study

The Kansas Department of Transportation announces the initiation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Study (SEIS) of the South Lawrence Trafficway corridor. KDOT has decided to evaluate the South Lawrence Trafficway corridor, which extends from I-70 at N. 1800 Road to east of K-10 at 23rd Street and includes E. 600 Road and portions of U.S. 40. The SEIS will fully evaluate and document the impacts and benefits that alternatives will have on the surrounding area throughout the study process. The SEIS will also allow KDOT to gather additional input from the public and local stakeholders. The most recent studies of the west leg of the South Lawrence Trafficway were completed in 2016.

September 7th, 2018|

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